The Objectives of the college

The Objectives of the college


1- The preparation of cadres and leaders who scientifically and educationally qualified and equipped with modern knowledge and methods of advanced scientific research and the development of its character and make it capable of innovation and self-learning

2- The preparation of advanced teaching staff who scientifically qualified in the disciplines of pure science through higher education (MA, PhD) to supply the colleges and government institutes

3- The strengthening the foundations of cooperation with state institutions and civil society organizations through the establishment of conferences, symposia, seminars and training courses held by Advisory Office and the unit of Continuing Education

4- Achieve high rank among colleges and universities of the country by encouraging teaching staffs to present patents and creative work and publish solid scientific research in scientific journals and seeking to introduce the teaching staff internationally

5- The cooperation with the corresponding colleges inside and outside the country through the exchange of cultural knowledge and experiences between the teaching staff and the establishment of workshops and research scholarships

6- The striving to reach the international standards that achieve the excellent educational operations

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